British Columbia, Canada

The Kispiox Valley Declaration


Be it known that we, the undersigned community of the Kispiox Valley, British Columbia, believe
that the well-being of ourselves and our neighbours, our livelihoods and economy, and our lands
and waters are paramount. We highly value intact ecosystems that sustain and support a vibrant and
diverse watershed. This includes thriving populations of wild Pacific salmon and steelhead, healthy
forests with abundant wildlife, and clean air. These lands and waters are woven into the fabric of our
lives, and are deemed as vital and necessary elements that support our economy, our community, and
our way of life. We recognize and honour the Gitxsan, and hold in high regard their culture and
traditional methods of responsible stewardship.

Our rural community is a proven model of economic and social resiliency, comprised of diversely
skilled professionals, trades people, farmers, forest and resource workers, guides/outfitters, and
creative and versatile entrepreneurs. We support common sense practices of conservative resource
management, renewable energy production and use, agriculture as the basis of a strong local food
system, and the long-standing wild salmon economy of our region. The Skeena, as one of the last
great salmon rivers of the world, connects our livelihoods to our communities, and our communities
to each other. What occurs upstream or downstream affects us all. In recognition of this, we accept
a shared regional and global responsibility to protect our water and air.

Therefore, we cannot stand by and allow any industrial presence, including oil and gas development,
that would threaten or harm our values and responsibilities as outlined in this declaration.

Declaration Signatures


The Kispiox Valley Declaration .pdf